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Here you can pay for ULTIMATE Mode ToolKit development.

Amount is in GBP (Great British Pounds)

ULTIMATE mode is for people who may have lots of devices they want support for, people who do not want to keep donating for a new activation code every time they get a new device or people who value the Toolkit and want to help support it.

Activating the ULTIMATE mode will allow the Toolkit to automatically unlock Pro functions (AutoUpdates, extra functions in the Toolkit) for ALL currently supported devices and also any device that is added to the Toolkit in the future. This will continue for the life span of the Toolkit so you will never have to make another donation again.
ULTIMATE mode also unlocks the powerful Custom Support Builder (option CB at startup) which you can use to add support for new builds minutes after they are released, or add complete support for new Samsung devices that arent listed in the Toolkit.


Once you have purchased the ULTIMATE mode you will receive instructions by email on how to activate it in the Toolkit. You do this at the device selection screen (after start up) by selecting option ‘a’ to enter the activation screen. You will need to have an active internet connection when starting the Toolkit to be able to use the online checker and to activate device modules as you select them. If you do not have an internet connection you can still use the Toolkit (if you have already downloaded a device module and relevant files) but if that device module has not been activated you will not be able to activate it until you have an internet connection and restart the Toolkit.

You are paying to activate the ULTIMATE mode of the toolkit which is valued at 19.99 GBP

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